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About Us

Designing with love.

Putting your feet up just got that little bit more comfortable! At Andy Beanbag, we take pride in delivering the highest quality of products at an affordable price. We embark on painstaking quality control processes, supplying a selection of industry-leading beanbags to the far corners of Saudi Arabia.

We are often asked what sets us apart, and our answer is unwavering! We care. A lot. From the first sketch to the last stitch, we have an eagle eye for detail, so your beanbag not only meets your expectations but exceeds them. Every customer enquiry is dealt with professionalism, efficiency and passion because without you there is no Andy Beanbag!  

A winning blend of comfort and quality, with an added dash of exclusivity, we are on a continual quest to supply the best products on the market, to meet the shifting needs of our customers as they grow from childhood to teenhood, and beyond. That’s where Anderson Clinic comes in. An additional service that will be launched imminently, which will act as a seamless repair service to help our clients with their every beanbag need. From fixing and re-stitching to an added pair of hands to help with the filling process, we’re the go-to for beanbags in Saudi Arabia.

Why Us?

At Andy Beanbag, we take pride in creating a streamlined process from the moment your new pride and joy arrives on your doorstep. For your ease, we include a user manual for each product (the only company to do so!), which will give you the rundown on how to maintain, refill and use your new beanbag.

For your peace of mind, we provide an extra bag of filling for free! We know that once you sit on your new beanbag you will never want to get off. As you melt into the matchless fabric, it’s a cocoon-like feeling, so you may notice it becoming less full after some time. After around six months, you can simply pop in your extra filling, and it’ll be like brand new!

Our promise

At Andy Beanbag, we vow to always offer the best materials at a competitive price. We take pride in offering premium designs to excite, enthral and energize, introducing new concepts to our Saudi clientele regularly. A versatility which knows no bounds.

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